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Current prototypes

There are two prototypes under development.

RAppia Framework


The RAppia (Reconfigurable Appia) framework is an adaptation-friendly protocol composition framework inspired in Appia. 

The framework provides support for the development and execution of protocol stacks, and the runtime management of those stacks. Furthermore, the framework also provides monitoring mechanisms.

RAppia comes with the same suite of protocols as Appia, namely, group communication protocols and protocols such as: TCP and UDP. The framework also includes a number of algorithms for message ordering, replication, and failure detection. 

More details and documentation to follow.

Meanwhile, the first release of the RAppia framework is available here.

Pampa for TinyOs


PAMPA (Power-Aware Message Propagation Algorithm) is a broadcast algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETS). 

PAMPA aim is to achieve resource savings for each participant in a MANETs. This is accomplished by reducing the number of nodes that are required to retransmit a message so that it gets delivered to every node. The novelty of PAMPA is that the selection of the nodes that retransmit is based on the signal strength of the delivery while most of the remaining peek some nodes at random, thus presenting an adaptive behavior.


The implementation of PAMPA is available here.

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